Short story: “Diary of my Love”

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Excerpts of the diary of Daniela Sanchez

June 5

I had a Tinder date today. Wasn’t expecting much, but he was cute! Not sure we’ll go on a second date though… Kind of hard to know if he enjoyed himself.

He said he was a forester and a hunter. Sounds… Old-fashioned? Barbaric? Is that even a job?

Also, he’s shy. Wouldn’t even kiss me on the cheek to say goodbye.

June 12

Went on a second date with Serge.

Just writing down his name makes me understand I kind of like him. He brought me flowers! Kissed me goodbye…

Stills talks too much about hunting though.

June 29

The sex was soooooooo good! Also, reconsidering my previous opinion. Definitely not shy!

August 15

Today I went to Serge’s apartment for the first time.

I understand why he wouldn’t show it to me before… He has firearms on display in his living rooms… Kind of turned me off.

Then he showed me his room and I was turned on again!

October 28

So. Yesterday was the big day of the big hunt, and I… am quite surprised to say that it was actually quite nice…

Serge explained everything to me, was super slow and nice and held me tight and made sure I was ready and was checking all the time to see if I wasn’t scared of the noise.

He’s so great. I love him.

I’ve actually written that…

November 23

HE LOVES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 12

When Serge came back home today, he told me he had a bad day and that he quit his job.

He looks tired, I hope he’ll get better soon…

October 13

We went hunting together today. So fun!

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about nature, the beauty of the hunt, the damage done by environmentalists who don’t understand how hunters are helping regulate the animal population, the damage humans have done to the world in general…

January 16

Serge found a new job, and he seems finally relieved, like a weight has lifted off his shoulders.

From mine too. I’m happy that he’s happy.

September 8

It seems like the ring on my hand glitters more and more beautifully each time I look at it <3

April 9

I love my husband very much
I love him all, I love his touch
I love everything about him
I love his every little whim
I love it that I am his wife
I love it that he’s in my life!

June 18

He came back hurt. He told me it’d be alright.

July 3

Yesterday, he brought a couple of “friends” home, and we had to entertain them.

It was my first time doing this kind of thing… But I did as he told me, and in the end, I enjoyed it very much! The four of us had a lot of fun.

Now I have to to clean up the bedroom though… Not looking forward to that…

October 27

Hunting is so much fun! Suck it, green party idiots!

April 14

I told Serge that seven was my limit. It *is* fun, it feels… really, really amazing… but it’s so much work to clean up afterwards! Bodily fluids stains everywhere on the room, including on the walls! And I’ve lost the keys to a pair of handcuffs!

December 25

They took my Serge. They took him away.

Why? What will happen now? Damn pigs!

I love him so much. I love him so much!

December 27

I have to help him! I have to save him! I’ll do it on my own!

December 28

I have hunted, alone for the first time.

I have shot, alone for the first time.

I have done everything like he has taught me to.

I have killed every single one of the beasts that were threatening him.

I have brought the soul of the one who kept him away with me. I’ll be able to bargain with them.




I’m doing it for him but…




I think it may even… even more amazing… when I’m doing it alone…




I’m sure he’ll be home soon!

This concludes the excerpts of the diary of the defendant, Ms. Daniela Sanchez, which form exhibit C. Her husband and her, described as the “slaughter couple”, are currently on trial for the murder of sixty seven men and women, including the previous head detective for this case, whose severed head Ms. Sanchez had put on display over her fireplace.