Illegal Summonings – Game for Ludum Dare 55

I took part in April 2024 to the 55th Ludum Dare, and made a solo game, Illegal Summonings (available as an web game!)

Illegal Summonings is a short game in which you investigate summonings to find out whether or not conjurers have respected the pacts they made with demons.

It is a game that was was built in only 72 hours and was very well received, which is why I’m now considering making it a commercial game!

Player comment: Amazing, I want to see more

Player comment: That was so fun! I was sad there weren’t more levels, I definitely would have played more

Player comment: Really fun, loved the detective aspect of it, awesome vibe and I want more levels

Player comment: I wish there were more levels

Player comment: Ok! Hear me out! Now I need more levels! More lore! Game concept is brilliant! I enjoyed it!