Justice Hammer – “Ace Attorney-like” visual novel

Justice Hammer is a visual novel where the player becomes a judge, Gavin McGavel, who has to decide if the defendants in his tribunal are guilty or not, and can at anytime stop the dialogues to give his verdict.

The choice of the defendant’s guilty is the player’s choice, and depending on these choices, the story will change!

The game is inspired by the Ace Attorney series, but with a twist (playing as the judge), and branching narration (where Ace Attorney follows a linear storytelling)


Justice Hammer is a project I built for the 1-button jam 2023, and of which I’m quite proud of! In the few days I had to develop the game, I successfully:

  • Created a visually cohesive world using low-poly assets
  • Wrote several fun small courtroom dramas
  • Developed a “judge mode” system to allow the player to make his choice and let him understand they could really influence the story
  • Overall, created an interesting, fun and funny game!

Justice Hammer is a project I think I may develop more in the future. I see potential in creating a bugger storyline for my hero, Gavin McGavel, and feel that the central mechanic is worth being used as the core of a bigger game. I’m now brainstorming ideas for a full story!